Our practice has one of the only facilities in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region dedicated to comprehensive care of nasal, sinus and allergy disorders. Our allergy practice is located at the Valley ENT office suite, 190 Welles St., Forty Fort.

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Northeastern Pennsylvania was rated the worst region in the country for those patients having nasal allergy symptoms. These include nasal congestion, post nasal drip, teary and itchy eyes, cough and headaches.

million americans suffer from allergies.

“We are pleased that allergy treatments have made a vast improvement in our patients’ lives,” notes Dr. Barras. “Not only do many patients have symptomatic relief of nasal symptoms but, in many cases, headaches, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping have been alleviated resulting in more energy and a general feeling of wellness,” he continued.

There are three basic ways to treat allergies: avoidance, medications and immunotherapy.

  • Avoidance of allergens is often difficult and impractical.
  • Medications may have side effects and can be costly.
  • Immunotherapy is the only means of treatment that addresses the underlying cause of allergies – a hypersensitive immune system.

Allergy Drops

Traditional allergy shots have, until recently, been the only immunotherapy option for patients who find that medications do not reduce their symptoms. Valley ENT Sinus & Allergy Center is the first in the area to offer allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) as a treatment option.

Allergy drops are delivered under the tongue and can be safely taken at home. Initial in-office testing is done to determine proper dosage and periodic follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor progress. This immunotherapy treatment option eliminates weekly trips to the office for allergy shots and may provide relief in a few weeks.

Sublingual immunotherapy is not currently covered by medical insurances and costs approximately $15 per week. For many patients the cost is equal to current medication co-pays. For others, the convenience of not missing time at work or school more than offsets the cost. It is also ideal for children since no needles are used. The Sinus & Allergy Center will continue to provide allergy shots for those patients who prefer that treatment method.

“We are excited about offering the treatment option of allergy drops,” says Dr. Clerico, “which will not only safely improve our patient’s allergy symptoms but also eliminate the inconvenience of coming in for weekly shots.” Dr. Clerico continued, “It also eases ‘needle dread’ and that is a wonderful thing, especially for children.”

What is nasal obstruction?

Many people with nasal obstruction experience difficulty breathing through their nose, habitual snoring, interrupted sleep and fatigue.

Nasal obstruction is often caused by anatomical blockage in the nose, hindering airflow. As a result, you may feel congested or “stuffy”. Home remedies and medications may offer temporary relief. It’s only when your nasal airway is opened that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

Normal vs Obstructed

Common symptoms of nasal obstruction:

  • Trouble breathing through your nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty breathing during physical exertion

VivAer® Treatment

Lasting relief is possible.

If you regularly experience difficulty breathing through your nose and nothing seems to help, you may have nasal obstruction. Until now, finding a long-term solution often meant surgery. Now, your physician may be able to offer you lasting relief by performing a non-invasive VivAer treatment to open your nasal airway.

Lasting Relief. 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing.¹

Non-invasive solution. Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our office.

Live better. Clinically shown to significantly improve quality of life and provide long-lasting relief.¹

Breathe better. Live better.

The VivAer treatment is clinically shown to provide high satisfaction and lasting relief.¹ Patients typically return to normal daily activity the same day.*

  • 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing¹
  • 94% of patients improved their ability to get enough air through their nose during exercise or exertion2
  • 89% of patients reported getting a better night’s sleep2

Am I a candidate for the VivAer® treatment?

To find out, take these two simple tests.

Cottle’s Maneuver


Step 1. Place two fingertips on your cheeks, on each side of your nose.

Step 2. Gently press and pull outward to further open your nasal passage. While holding, breathe through your nose.

Did the Cottle’s maneuver help you breathe better? If so, you may be a candidate.

NOSE Score

Complete the questionnaire below.

View Important Safety Information.

View Important Safety Information.

*Individual results may vary.
¹ Ephrat M, Jacobowitz O, Driver M. Quality-of-life impact after in-office treatment of nasal valve obstruction with a radiofrequency device: 2-year results from a multicenter prospective clinical trial. Int Forum Allergy Rhinol. 2020;00:1-11 https://doi.org/10.1002/alr.22667.

2 Prospective, Multi-Center, Non-Randomized Study to Evaluate the Quality of Life Impact After Treatment of Nasal Airway Obstruction Using the Aerin Medical VivAer Stylus. Aerin Medical Report TR680-01.

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What is chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is persistent inflammation of the tissues lining the nose, resulting in symptoms such as a constant runny nose and often post-nasal drip, congestion, coughing, nasal itching, and sneezing. While symptoms may be related to allergies, symptoms from chronic rhinitis may occur all year.

This challenging condition can negatively impact your life in countless ways. And trying to find an effective treatment can be frustrating. Like many, you may manage your symptoms using medications and sprays. Unfortunately, these treatments only provide temporary relief. It’s only when the root cause of your rhinitis is addressed that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

Normal vs Rhinitis

Symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

  • Persistently runny nose
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Nasal congestion
  • Itching and sneezing

RhinAer® Treatment

Lasting relief is possible

If  any or all of the symptoms listed above sound familiar, you may be one of the millions of people living with chronic rhinitis. Until now, treatment often meant managing symptoms with medications and sprays. For many patients, these symptoms may be caused by abnormal signals in the nose. Now, your physician can offer you RhinAer to disrupt these signals and provide lasting relief. In a clinical study, patients treated with RhinAer experienced significant relief from chronic rhinitis symptoms.1 Patients typically return to normal activity on the same day.*

Lasting Relief: Provides lasting relief of symptoms including runny nose, post-nasal drip, and chronic cough.¹

Non-invasive solution: Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our office.

Live better: In a clinical study, patients reported significant improvements in their symptoms and quality of life.¹

Am I a candidate for the RhinAer® treatment?

To find out, complete the Total Nasal Symptom Score questionnaire below.

View Important Safety Information.

View Important Safety Information.

*Individual results may vary.

¹ Clinical Evaluation of Low Power Radiofrequency Energy Applied to the Posterior Nasal Nerve Area for Symptomatic Relief of Chronic Rhinitis (RhinAer Stylus). Aerin Medical Report TR898.

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